Bretz'n Bräu, SIOS Bierkit, makes 18 liter

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A fabulous reason to have the largest and best known festival in the world, this Oktoberfest beer is dark yellow to amber-colored, carefully seasoned with aromatic hops and boasts a full-bodied flavor. This specialty is traditionally brewed just before the beginning of summer and takes haven in the cool German basements while it matures. The original gravity has decreased steadily over the years making today's festival beer easy to drink yet still tasty. Oktoberfest beer is closely related to the March beer ..

Product weight: 3,25 Kg
Brewing method: Partial mash
SIOS Partial Mash Kit: contains all necessary ingredients carefully packed and labelled, ready to brew!
  • 750 g of grains, crushed on our professional mill
  • 2.5 kg of light dried malt extract
  • pelletized hops
  • Pure brewers yeast, either dried from Fermentis or fresh from Wyeast
  • detailed recipe and brewing record sheet
Fermentation method: Bottom fermentation at 18 - 22 degrees
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