Mata Hari IPA, Mash Recipe, yields 18 liter

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When the British occupied the Indian subcontinent, life for the colonial masters was tough. Traditional British ales would turn sour during the long journey to India by boat. An enterprising brewer devised a new recipe designed to survive the extended transport and keep the troops happy. The beer was an overnight success and its inventor an instant millionair. India Pale Ale boasts a hoppy bitterness, and increased original gravity that prolongs its shelf life. It is an impressive drink, with hoppy and malty aroma, especially complimentary to spicy (and not just curry!) dishes.

Kategorie SIOS Trophy: 11 India Pale Ale
Product weight: 4,80 Kg
Gravity: 14.50%
Brewing method: Vous auriez besoin d'un casserole à 25 litre ainsi qu'un system pour filtrer les drêches
Fermentation method: haute fermentation, 18 - 22 °C
Bitterness: 45 EBC
Colour: 20 EBC
Full Mash Kits: se compose de toutes les ingrédients nécessaire pour brasser. Vous pouvez empâter sans tarder.
  • 4.7 kg de malt, entier our concassé sur notre moulin professionel
  • houblons en pellets
  • Levure de bière pure, seché ou liquide selon choix
  • recette en détail ainsi qu'un protocole de brassage
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