Weihnachtsbier, recette d'empatage pour 17 litres

Numéro d'article: MK27

catégorie: fermentation haute

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Most Christmas beers have stuck to their old roots and styles. SantaBrew is an example of a beer in which we have thought outside of the box to make a hearty new brew that can stand up to the cold winter. The secret mulled wine mix used in this brew gives it an unforgettably tasty touch that is guaranteed to get you all jolly and ho ho ho'ing. Tastes just like Christmas!

Kategorie SIOS Trophy: 16 Aromatisierte Biere 18 Querschläger
Poids de l'article: 4,80 Kg
Densité: 14.80%
Méthode de brassage: You will need a pot that holds at least 25 litres and a lautering device such as Läutersystem
Méthode de fermentation: Top fermentation at 18 - 22 °C
Amertume: 20 EBC
Couleur: 27 EBC
Recettes à empàter: contain all necessary ingredients carefully packed an labelled, ready to brew!
  • 4.7 kg of grains, whole or crushed on our professional mill
  • pelletized hops
  • Pure brewers yeast, either dried from Fermentis or fresh from Wyeast
  • detailled recipe and brewing record sheet
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