Freds Cream Ale SIOS Bierkit, makes 20 l

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Category: Ales and Wheat Beers


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Cream Ale combines two brewings in the glass. A German brewing style is used in America with local raw materials. This recipe is fermented like an ale but develops a lager character with age. Overall, it is quite tasty with a gentle touch of toasted goodness.

Product weight: 3,25 Kg
Brewing method: Partial mash
SIOS Partial Mash Kit: contain all necessary ingredients carefully packed an labelled, ready to brew!
  • 750 g of grains, crushed on our professional mill
  • 2.5 kg of light dried malt extract
  • pelletized hops
  • Pure brewers yeast, either dried from Fermentis or fresh from Wyeast
  • detailed recipe and brewing record sheet
Fermentation method: Top fermentation at 18 - 22 degrees
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